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PBF was established in the year 2001 (1422 Hijri) in Al-Riyadh the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the registration with the Chamber of Commerce (No. 1010173021). This organization has been formed on the basis of achieving the rapidly developing market with the new dimension of thoughts, designs, qualities and performances.

Our emphases are as follows:

  • Operation and maintenance of a safe system of work
  • Consistent achievement of the specified quality
  • Provision of training activities and instruction plan to suit identified specific needs
  • Adherence to program with best practices and to comply with all applicable requirements
  • Frequent improvement in the effectiveness of quality management system in all spheres, by establishing and reviving quality objects

PBF is managed by the team of well qualified and experienced professionals with expertise in Engineering and Management. This is the reason why our valuable clients always say:

"Selecting PBF means you had Preferred Best Fabrication"

We shall be pleased to provide any further information regarding our capacities and functions.

PBF - Public Sector Clients

Company Projects in
ABB Contracting Co. Ar Riyadh
Adwaa Al Namlah Contracting Co. Ar Riyadh
Air Liquid Al Khafrah Industrial Gases Ar Riyadh
Al Fanar Factory for Ceramic and Porcelain Ar Riyadh
Al Fanar Steel Ar Riyadh
Al Henaki Trading and Conntracting Co. Ar Riyadh
Al Jarir Booktore Ar Riyadh
Al Jazeera Company Ar Riyadh
Al Jomaih Bottling Plant (Pepsi) Ar Riyadh
Al Kawther Company Ar Riyadh
Al Sharq Flexible Packaging Factories Ar Riyadh
Al Yamama Gypsum Factory Ar Riyadh
British Embassy Ar Riyadh
Conseco Construction Services Co. Ar Riyadh
Gulf Paper Manufacturing Co. Ar Riyadh
Maaden Gold (Al Ammar Mining Co.) Al Qiwaya
Prince Nawaf Palace Ar Riyadh
Safety and Industrial Equipment Center Ar Riyadh
Samama Construction & Contracting Co. Ar Riyadh
Saudi Amana Contracting Ar Riyadh
Saudi Electronic Target Systems Co. Ar Riyadh
Saudi Enterprise for Safety Equipment Ar Riyadh
Saudi Vitrified Clay Pipe Co. Ltd Ar Riyadh
Seder Group Trading & Contracting Co. Ar Riyadh
Shomoe Al Wadi Contracting Ar Riyadh
STX Heavy Industries Co. Ltd Ar Riyadh
Yaleen Steel Factory Ar Riyadh
Yamama Saudi Cement Ar Riyadh
Zuhair Al Zahran Contracting Co. Ar Riyadh

PBF - Governmental Clients

Company Projects in
Ministry of Health (Hospital) Ar Riyadh
Ministry of Defence Al Kharj
- Jizan
- Najran
- Shoora
King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital Jeddah

PBF work field

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Al-Madaen Industries, Shed No. 142-144 Al-Kharj Highway, Exit 18, Riyadh, KSA


Tel: (+966) 11 242 8836 / 11 242 8885 Fax: (+966) 11 242 9193